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Michael J. Herman is an American writer, author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur who has been in business since 1987. In his early career Mike worked in television and film writing for such TV shows as Revenge of the Nerds, Northern Exposure, Doogie Howser MD, and others.


As a speaker, Mike has presented more than 3,400 professional paid presentations to more than 350,000 audience members. He’s even been invited to speak at the White House in Washington DC by President George W. Bush.


Michael’s programs have helped to accelerate success at companies like Boeing, AT&T, Citi, AmEx, Infinity Radio, Mattel Toys, Coca Cola, Pfizer, McDonald’s, all branches of the US Armed Forces, and he’s spoken in more than 20 International countries.

As an author and writer, Michael J. Herman has authored 14 books with distribution in 17 languages. His byline has appeared in more than 200 magazines and newspapers around the world in his syndicated column THE MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE®.  THE MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE® Syndicated Column has published more than 7,600 articles and transformed the cultures of tens of thousands of business and governmental entities nationwide.

Michael is the President and CEO of Enticing Enterprises, a holding company involved in Media, Publishing, live children’s entertainment, and philanthropy.


As a philanthropist, Michael has raised in excess of $66,000,000.00 for the Blind, and Disabled, and has been responsible for the feeding of tens of thousands of hungry and needy Americans living on the streets.

All of this may be ordinary fare for today’s Millennial, until you consider that at the age of 5 Michael fell 12’ through a platform, landing head-first on the concrete slab, and suffering multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries.

57 days in a coma, blindness, paralysis, and aphasia for a year, and a lifetime of disability, handicaps, cognitive and neurological deficits and you start to get an idea of how his message of “You Can Do It” resonates with audiences everywhere.

Through his examples of devastating circumstances, hopeless diagnoses, and relentless unstoppability that he’s built his enterprise and now travels the world lifting the expectations of everyone he encounters.  

It’s Mike’s mission as a motivational force to share his experiences of breaking through and rising over every barrier life presents to become one of America’s most influential Motivational Influences. Mike lives in Los Angeles with his wife Penny and their Tibetan .


Champion is a marvel in Success. Designed to engage effective competitive qualities in a few short minutes, this book will enthrall with every word and page


Anyone Can Do It:

Everything You Need To Know About

Face-To-Face Selling

The Cat's Me-ow! reminds us of what made The Cat In The Hat so dear to children worldwide.

Can Coaching Change Your Life, Too?


It’s a great question, Can Coaching Really Change Your Life?

Let’s look at some of the most successful humans ever known:




Roger Bannister

Mohammad Ali

Michael Jordan

Sylvester Stalone

Steve Jobs

Warren Buffett

Oprah Winfrey

Mary Bara

Mary Lou Retton

Louis B. Meyer

J. K. Rowling

Thomas Edison


Barbara Streisand

And the list goes on for miles.

What do they all have in common?



In Coaching, you have the opportunity for transformation. To evolve and expand from where you are now to where you can be. It’s possible to climb a mountain by yourself, alone, and isolated, but it’s much, much more difficult. In Coaching, you get a team. You get a support system so if you lose your footing, there’s someone to grasp your wrist and pull you back to solid footing.

It’s also someone propelling forward and pushing you up. 

But more than this, it's someone seeing you in your blind spots and making them visible.

It's not you plus 1, it's you to the Power of 2.It's You Squared!



It’s someone to watch their performance. Someone who is rooting for their success and yet objective enough to see where they can do better. The most successful and accomplished Americans swear by a coach.

Entrepreneur and Coach Michael J. Herman has coached more than 2,000 high performance and high achieving competitors to stellar results.

Not a book-taught coach, but someone who’s been beaten down time and again and came back to become one of America’s premier motivators and Business/Life Coaches.

Called: “An Inspiration by Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Prosperity Factor and star of the movie “The Secret.”

CALL Coach Mike Herman to initiate your coaching relationship TODAY!


Mr. motivation

 Michael j. herman 

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